House Bolting and Foundation Repair Costa Mesa

House bolting or foundation repair is the practice of attaching a house to its concrete foundation using anchor bolts and foundation plates. Contractors Costa Mesa specializes in foundation bolting and the bracing of cripple walls by using structural-grade plywood. These steps, along with properly tying the floor system down with approved framing anchors will make your house a lot safer.    

- Foundation Repair
- Foundation Replacement
- House Leveling
- Earthquake Retrofitting or House Bolting
- Underpinning
- Broken Slabs
- Caissons and Grade Beams
- Retaining Walls
- Drainage
- Stucco & Drywall
- Helical Plies
- Re-roofing
- Solar Electric System

At Contractors Costa Mesa, we try and perceive the requirements of our customers. Once we perform a house bolting repair project, we place the maximum amount stress on the earthquake retrofitting codes and tips. Our contractors offer a wide range of house bolting strategies for foundation repair. We additionally offer floor leveling, foundation underpinning concrete pads and caissons foundation for slope homes.  

We offer several tactics and custom styles for your house bolting repair, foundation repair, soft story building reinforcement and a variety of different styles.  

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